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This is a simple collection of MIDI drum loops (surprise!). I have created these in order to facilitate songwriting within DAW’s. Simply open the file with your DAW of choice, or drag it on to an instrument track on an open project and, as all good MIDI files do, it should click on to the tempo of your project. Loop them and you are done!

While not as amazing sounding as real drums, these, of course, offer the versatility of being completely customisable. 

So choose your favourite MIDI drum sound, choose your favourite tempo (or use the one I originally recorded the groove in, which shows on the file title), edit the groove, reverb it if you wish, compress and de-compress to your liking, or even better, get in contact (either through my email address, the ‘Contact’ section of this website, or through the socials), let me know what you are have in mind, and let me create it for you. 

P.S.: I created most of these with Logic Pro X’s Drum Kit Designer with its Retro Rock Kit preset in mind, and I have attached a Logic channel settings file with the tones and stock plug-ins I used below, too. Any other vintage, fat sounding drum kits should work just as well. Or try something else entirely!

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