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So! I wrote and recorded these a while ago as drumalong tracks for a uni project. I wanted to release them for other drummers to have the chance to practice (or record) over them... So here they are!


I felt that, in this (drumalong) market, while full of amazing stuff, it isn't always easy to find tracks to drum along to that allow you to play in a musical way. For free. So this is what I tried to achieve.

So these are not royalty-free, but feel free to practice with them, and post videos of you playing/recording along to them on social media! I simply ask you to tag me in them, if you would like to do so - and I would love to hear what other drummers will come up with on these tracks!

Would some charts be useful? I don't know. I am happy to make them, so if you think this would be cool, let me know through the  ‘Contact’ section of the website, my email address or the socials, and I will get on that.

I have included here my own version of these tracks, as well as a no-drums version with, as well as without a click. Go nuts!

I will be uploading more of these soon, so if you would like to get them, either keep checking in, or get in touch with me about it!

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