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Session Drummer




I am a session drummer based in London, UK and have by now performed with a variety of acts, from philharmonic and symphonic bands, to function, tribute and original bands and artists.

Throughout the last 17 years (plus the early years of table top gigs!), I have gathered extensive experience both in the studio and performing live in a variety of music genres and styles, which spread from classical and folk to pop, blues, soul, indie, jazz, rock and metal music, among others. 

Some of the names I've played drums (and sometimes BV's) for include L.A. PEACH, The Richard Smith Piano Trio, Just Like Honey, Anthony James, Elliott Millman, Izzie Naylor, Abi Farrell, I Talk To Strangers, RESET Function Band, What The Floyd, among others. I was also a key percussionist in the Philharmonic of Arrabal as well as in the Leiria Symphonic Band.

Between these, I offer remote a drum recording service, I write and produce my own music, and also teach drums.



Porcupine Tree - The Sound of Muzak | Drum Cover

Porcupine Tree - The Sound of Muzak | Drum Cover

This track has to be one of my favourites ever, and this has been a long time coming. When I first heard it, The Sound of Muzak completely opened my mind to what a chorus really should sound like, and I was hypnotised. Back then, I attempted to record it with barely any recording gear or experience whatsoever, and more recently I thought to use it for a university project, where I planned to record a few drum covers. I initially recorded the drums for the track, but I later thought to attempt to rerecord all of the parts in the song, as I'd loved so much doing it the first time around, and the song has always meant so much to me. This took much much longer to release than what I had initially planned, but anyway, here it is. Drums recorded live at That Sound Studios, in London. Everything else recorded in my house, in London. Song by Porcupine Tree. Engineered and filmed by Alex Guarnieri. Mixed and produced by myself, with the always precious help of Alex Guarnieri. Very special thanks to (and lots of admiration for) Gavin Harrison for the incredibly kind response, (as well as the offer of a drumless track to The Sound of Muzak) and obviously, all of the inspiration. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Soundcloud, or wherever else you like, and if you want me to play some drums for you, contact me directly on: or through my website: my Instagram page: or my Facebook: here's my Soundcloud too: Thank you for watching. Stay tuned for more!
Nuno. - Warm Skies | Drum Playthrough

Nuno. - Warm Skies | Drum Playthrough

This is my first original tune here. I wrote it for my last year of uni, with drummers in mind and the idea of creating an interesting track for anyone to come up with their own parts on it too! This video is the drum playthrough of what I had in mind and decided to record at the time, but my idea was to also upload a drumless version so that drummers can explore and perhaps record their own ideas on it and have fun with this track - this is available in my Soundcloud profile, as well as on my website. I aimed to do most of the work involved in this by myself, but I could not have had it sounding or looking as good as it does without the input of a few people, so I have to thank: - Alex Guarnieri, for the filming, engineering/recording, and mixing/production help; - Anthony James, for the production tips; - Audrey Riley, for the motivation, feedback and thoughts; - My lovely girlfriend, for the inspiration; - And everyone else who inspired and helped me in any other way! If you'd like me to play/record drums for you, or anything else music-related (that's legal), you can contact me on: - And you can also find me on: - - - - Drummers - if you feel like recording your own drum version of this track, please feel free to, and please do let me know, I'd love to hear what other drummers can come up with on this tune! And if you'd like a click-less version to bounce your recordings with, just email me through and I will be happy to send it to you :) And thank you for checking my video out, I hope you enjoy it. I have more stuff coming out soon, originals and covers, so stay tuned.


Looking for professionally recorded drums for your track(s), but the studio costs are letting you down?

I now offer remote drum recording services from my acoustically-treated recording studio, fitted with industry-standard gear.

I cover all genres of music, and like to offer a super-efficient, professional and friendly service, so get in touch!

Click on the button below to find out more.



I have been teaching drums for over 10 years, and I am currently free to take on more students. I have plenty of experience teaching both in-person and online, so you can take drum lessons from the comfort of your own home!


I run a professional remote teaching setup, which includes three camera angles, high audio quality and a great virtual whiteboard.


I am an accredited Rockschool Teacher, and I am also the current Drums Auditioning Tutor for The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, from which I graduated in 2019 on a BA(Hons) Popular Music Performance - Drums degree, with First Honours. 


I offer highly-flexible lessons, tailored to your goals and I teach people of all ages and levels.

If you would like to find out more about this, click on the button below.

Sample Packs






If you'd like to get me to perform drums on your track(s), in the studio, or live/on tour, get in touch through here.

Equally, if it's dep work, composing, arranging, MD'ing, production work or drum lessons you are looking for (or even if you just want to chat about drums!), please refer to the same form. Alternatively, you can email

Thanks! Message sent.

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